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Soda is used extensively in the automotive industries for the removal of paint on vehicle bodies and chassis and is superb in the cleaning of oil, grease & carbon from engine parts and systems. As a non-abrasive media, soda will not damage bearings or sealing faces making it safe for use on all types of mechanical components, it is soluble so there is no contamination risk and the soda will not damage metal coatings including anodising.

For the stripping of vehicle body shells, the product preferred is a range of super fine mix of soda abrasives. These are ideal, typically used through our Microstrip system machine. Paint & corrosion can be removed with precision and no distortion to the the most delicate surface leaving a super fine etch ready for repaint.

Masonry Conservation

The non-abrasive ability of soda makes it an ideal system to use on all conservation surfaces including masonry, brick, wood, slate, granite and marble.

The system has the approval of English Heritage and our fully trained staff are suitably experienced in all aspects of the cleaning down of all surfaces. Whether it is carbon, algae, lime washes/paints or smoke damage the soda will be able to combat the removal of all coatings.

Industrial Machines

Because the soda is non-abrasive the system is incredibly useful in the commercial industry sector. Forest and quarry machines can be cleaned down and serviced or re-painted without the removal of hydraulic hoses and wiring making the process very economical to client with huge savings being made.

Architectural Iron Work

Like most historic or delicate surfaces our non-abrasive micro-strip system is ideal for the coating removal on all surfaces.Wrought Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminium can all be safely cleaned with the non abrasive technique allowing the assurance of the surfaces not being penetrated or damaged.Soda cleaning leaves the surface ready to be re-painted and will not flash rust like many other processes.


Timber can also be cleaned down using our low-pressure Micro Strip system. Algae, dirt, grime and paint etc can all be removed with no abrasion to the surface. Our system is approved by English Heritage and Historic England for the safe use on Listed Buildings and Ancient Monuments. When super fine soda crystals are applied to the surface they gently remove all coatings, whether it is Paint, Grime or Algae.

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